Silken Tofu Substitute: What Can Be Used Instead?

Although there are plenty of vegetarian or vegan options in the kitchen, many people on a plant-based diet tend to lean towards tofu.

This is understandable as tofu is a pretty handy go-to ingredient when looking for an alternative to animal-based protein. However, you may be allergic to tofu or are interested in adding variety to your food.

If you’re looking for a silken tofu substitute, there are plenty of different products to replace this vegan staple. From fruit to chickpea flour, suitable alternatives to tofu are numerous and varied. Let’s look at them here.

silken tofu substitute

What’s the Difference Between Silken Tofu and Regular Tofu?

There are two primary types of tofu – regular and silken. The texture of silken tofu is what distinguishes it from regular tofu.

Silken tofu is less firm than the regular version, which means it falls apart easily.

Silken tofu is usually packaged in aseptic boxes and does not require refrigeration, while regular tofu comes packed in a liquid and will have to be stored in the fridge.

Both silken and regular tofu are made from the same ingredients and are found in the same consistencies.

However, they’re processed differently and are not interchangeable when cooking.

Due to its low-water content, regular tofu is excellent for shallow pan-frying, as well as stir-fries and as meat substitutes.

However, silken tofu is too delicate to be utilized in this way as it often comes in a semi-solid block that will not retain its shape when fried.

Silken tofu is often consumed raw.

What Is a Good Substitute for Silken Tofu?

Finding an alternative for silken tofu will depend on your recipe and how the tofu is being utilized.

If you’re preparing a dessert or cooking a meal that requires silken tofu, try substituting it with other dairy products such as butter, milk, or egg.

Vegan alternatives for these recipes would include coconut cream, apple sauce, or mashed bananas.

Vegan yogurt is also a good silken tofu substitute. You can look for almond or rice yogurt but remember to add a little cornstarch to the mix to give it the same consistency as tofu.

While replacing silken tofu with regular tofu in any recipe that requires heat would not be suitable, regular tofu can be a stand-in for the silken product in cold dishes.

Regular tofu can work as an alternative for silken tofu in a salad but not a stir-fry.

Can I Substitute Soft Tofu for Silken Tofu?

The Chinese equivalent of soft tofu is silken tofu, so you can use these products interchangeably.

Soft tofu is regular tofu with the highest water content. Like silken tofu, it is not pressed and easily falls apart when handled.

However, soft tofu is less smooth than its silken counterpart.

Can You Use Medium Firm Tofu Instead of Silken?

Medium-firm tofu is not a good silken tofu substitute.

While medium-firm tofu is still quite delicate, it is more compact than silken tofu and contains less water.

It won’t make a suitable replacement for the salad dressings, smoothies, or creamy fillings that silken tofu is used for because of this thicker consistency.

Can I Substitute Firm Tofu for Silken Tofu?

Regular tofu and silken tofu come in soft, medium, firm, and extra-firm consistencies.

However, although they may sound like they have the same texture, you should not substitute firm regular tofu for firm silken tofu.

Firm silken tofu is produced from denser soy milk with less water than other silken products. It’s ideal for dishes where the tofu is expected to retain its shape like soup and stews.

Instead of using firm tofu as a silken tofu substitute, you will be better off replacing the product with mushrooms or lentils.

Other Substitutes for Silken Tofu

There are lots of non-tofu products that you can utilize to expand the flavor profiles of your vegan dishes. Here are some ideas to help you get started.

Chickpea flour

Tofu scramble is an excellent dish because it’s quick and easy to make. You can try chickpea flour as a soy-free alternative instead of reaching for silken tofu when preparing it.

Mix the flour with a plant-based liquid like almond milk, and you are good to go. Sauté some vegetables, add turmeric, and mix in the chickpea flour for a delicious scramble.


Yogurt can be utilized as a silken tofu alternative. Medium-firm silken tofu can be pureed to the same consistency as yogurt, making it interchangeable in recipes like smoothies and salad dressings.

If you’re looking for a non-animal protein replacement for tofu, you can try a vegan yogurt like almond or coconut-based products.


Silken tofu is used to make creamy desserts like puddings and mousses. When a recipe calls for this tofu, you can replace it with a fruit alternative like banana, apple, or avocado.

The dessert will be just as decadent and flavorful without using the soy-based product.


You can make plant-based ricotta without using silken tofu.

Soak almonds in water for about eight to 12  hours and then drain and blend them. Add a cup of water and a pinch of salt to the mix, and you have dairy-free, tofu-free ricotta.


Tempeh is often referred to as tofu’s cousin. It’s similar to tofu in that it’s produced from soybeans and is pressed into a mold.

This tofu substitute contains more protein as it can include other products such as seeds and grains.

Both tempeh and tofu are great substitutes for animal protein. Tempeh tends to have a nuttier flavor, so if you want to get away from the rather bland taste of tofu, tempeh may be a good alternative.

Tempeh comes in many different varieties, so it would be advisable to look for one that has less sugar and salt.

In Summary

There could be several reasons you may be looking to replace silken tofu with an alternative product.

It may be that you’re allergic to soy or are tired of consuming this vegan staple over and over again.

While silken tofu comes in a consistency that you may find challenging to replicate, this article shows you many silken tofu substitutes that you can utilize to replace the ingredient.

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