Substitute for Tofu in Desserts: What Works Best?

Even though it might sound odd initially, tofu is an excellent ingredient for desserts. Especially silken tofu which has a creamy texture that is ideal for deserts.

However, you might have to skip the tofu for many reasons, from taste to allergies.

Luckily, if you’re looking for a substitute for tofu in desserts, there are many options that won’t change its final look or taste, such as creamed banana, chickpeas, and coconut cream. Read on to learn more.

substitute for tofu in desserts

Why Consider Substituting Tofu in Desserts?

Unfortunately, many people are allergic to soy products. In this case, you should avoid tofu deserts or find a substitute.

Moreover, you might want to avoid dairy for health or ethical reasons. In some other cases, people just find it odd or don’t like the taste of tofu in a dessert

These are all valid reasons you might want to find a tofu substitute. When looking for one, there are a few things you should consider.

Since tofu may only be substituted based on the preparation method, there is no easy or direct substitute for it. Instead of tofu, you may use chickpeas or any other bean of your choosing in salads or stir-fries that call for cubed tofu.

However, when tofu is included in a dessert, things get a bit more complicated. A vegan yogurt, such as rice, almond, or coconut milk-based, can be used in place of silken tofu (soft tofu).

Adding a little cornstarch or a binder may be necessary, though.

If you’re using hard or extra-firm tofu, you may want to try mashed beans, although it may not always work (I find it works okay in small amounts in baked goods, however).

Chickpea flour-based tofu recipes are also an option. In this instance, you have to work to match the taste of the tofu and the texture and firmness of it.

What Can You Use in Place of Tofu in Desserts?

There are of course many reasons as to why you might not want to use tofu in desserts.

First and foremost, if you do have a soy sensitivity, then tofu is obviously off the table. Even if you don’t have a soy sensitivity, there are other reasons why tofu is not always ideal.

Believe it or not, there are even creamier ingredients out there other than silken tofu.

Moreover, for certain desserts, there are also some tofu substitutes that are a bit sweeter and better suited in terms of taste.

There are many puddings, mousses, ice creams, and more, that you can make with ingredients other than tofu. Let’s take a quick look.

Banana Pudding

One type of dish that vegans and vegetarians often make with tofu is pudding.

Silken tofu produces a very smooth pudding. However, a great substitute for tofu in pudding is creamed banana.

Creamed banana is extremely rich and smooth, so it will allow for a very creamy and silky pudding.

Furthermore, creamed banana is also very sweet, which helps to add another layer of depth to your pudding.

Of course, if you are using creamed banana, then banana pudding is the best thing to make.

However, realistically, you could substitute creamed banana for tofu in any type of pudding, as long as you don’t mind a hint of banana.

Peanut Butter Mousse

A good vegan dessert option is peanut butter mousse.

This is something that only requires a few ingredients, and yes, tofu is usually one of them.

Tofu is going to make up the bulk of this recipe, along with peanut butter. Tofu is also what produces that airiness and lightness in your peanut butter mousse.

A good substitute for tofu when it comes to making any mousse, peanut butter or otherwise, is coconut cream.

Keep in mind that you want to use the thick coconut cream, not the thinner coconut milk. Coconut cream is thick, rick, silky, smooth, and sweet.

It’ll produce a great texture and sweetness in your peanut butter mousse.

Chocolate Mousse

Chocolate mousse is another one of these smooth, sweet, and delicious desserts that’s easy to make with tofu. Tofu produces a really rich and smooth consistency.

If tofu isn’t an option, and you don’t want to use coconut cream like above (maybe because it’s too fatty or sweet), another good alternative is chickpea.

Chickpeas can be ground up super smooth into a velvety cream that can works as a great non-soy and non-dairy body for your chocolate mousse.

Chickpeas have plenty of protein, they’re creamy, but won’t add more sugar and fat to your dessert.

Chocolate Pudding

If you are looking to make chocolate pudding, but can’t use tofu, one of the best alternatives to use is avocado.

Avocado makes for a great alternative to tofu for a number of reasons.

First of all, it’s something that can be used for puddings, creams, mousses, and everything in between.

Creamy avocado has a great consistency for a variety of desserts. It’s heavy, smooth, and rich.

Moreover, avocado also has a really nice and sweet taste that works well with many flavors.

There’s also the fact that when mixed with something like chocolate, you won’t really be able to taste the avocado at all.

Ice Cream

If you are looking to make ice cream, but don’t want to use silken tofu, coconut cream makes for a great substitute.

It has enough liquid so that it can freeze into ice cream, yet enough fat that it stays smooth and creamy.

Coconut cream will also help make your ice cream nice and sweet.

Vegan and Vegetarian Substitutes for Tofu in Dessert

Vegetarian Tofu SubstitutesVegan Tofu Substitutes
PuddingCreamed bananaCreamed banana
MousseCoconut creamCoconut cream
Chocolate MousseChickpeasChickpeas
Chocolate PuddingAvocadoAvocado
Ice CreamCoconut CreamCoconut Cream

In Summary

With these substitutes for tofu in desserts, you won’t even notice that anything is different.

Keep in mind that if you’re vegan or vegetarian, some other ingredients besides tofu might have to be changed to fit into your diet.

You can also try these substitutes in similar desserts if you like to experiment.

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