Silken Tofu as a Cream Substitute: Everything You Need to Know

Heavy cream is a dairy ingredient that adds flavor and body to many dishes.

However, some people cannot use it for one reason or another. It may be because they’re vegan or prefer an ingredient with less fat and calories.

Fortunately, yes, one can use silken tofu as a cream substitute. Here’s all you need to know about replacing the dairy product with silken tofu.

silken tofu as cream substitute

Can You Use Silken Tofu Instead of Cream?

Silken tofu can be used to replace cream in many recipes.

Silken tofu is made from soybean curd. It has a high water content, giving it a semi-solid consistency similar to jelly.

It also has a rich, creamy texture, making it a suitable alternative to cream when cooking.

Dishes that call for creams like sauces, curries, soups, and desserts can be made using silken tofu instead. Due to their creamy texture, smoothies can be made with silken tofu as well.

Chickpea tofu can be used in a similar way – click here to learn more.

One cup of pureed tofu can replace one cup of cream, meaning you can use these products interchangeably in a recipe.

Your meal will have the same texture and consistency that you would get from cream.

Why Substitute Cream With Silken Tofu?

Cream adds a rich texture and depth of flavor to any dish that includes it as an ingredient.

While this makes for a sumptuous meal, the cream may not be the healthiest of products as it has a high-fat content.

This, among other reasons, may result in using silken tofu as a cream substitute.

Let’s look at why you may want to replace cream with tofu.

Non-Dairy Option

Finding a dairy-free option to replace cream in vegan dishes can be challenging.

Thankfully, you can use silken tofu to do just that, as it has a texture that matches cream when it is blended.

To fulfill the cream requirement in dishes like soups and sauces, you can utilize silken tofu without compromising the meal’s flavor.

More Protein

You can use one cup of silken tofu to replace one cup of cream.

While you won’t tell the difference when you taste the meal, your improvised recipe will have a higher protein content.

Silken tofu has 4.8 grams of protein in every 100-gram portion. This is more than double the 2.1 grams found in the same amount of heavy cream.

If you’re looking for a protein boost, supplementing tofu for cream is the way to go.

Fewer Calories

An advantage of replacing cream with silken tofu is that you will be consuming fewer calories.

Tofu is a great product to consider if you are looking to cut down on the calories you are consuming a day.

At 55 calories for every 100 grams, silken tofu has significantly fewer calorific units than the 345 found in heavy cream.

Heavy cream has almost six times as many calories as silken tofu.

Less Fat

Cream is made from the fat contained in milk. Different creams will have varying fat content, with heavy cream being the richest of them all. It consists of 36% to 40% fat.

If you’re looking for a healthier ingredient for your dish, it might be better to use silken tofu as a cream substitute.

The tofu will give you the same texture as a cream but with way less fat.

Can You Use Other Types of Tofu as a Cream Substitute?

Unfortunately, other types of tofu will not make suitable cream substitutes. The attribute that makes silken tofu so great as a cream substitute is its very smooth texture.

Tofu is made from coagulating soybeans. Unlike regular tofu, the soy milk that makes silken tofu isn’t curdled or pressed.

The resulting block is smooth with a silky appearance, which is where this tofu gets its name. Its glossy nature enables it to act as a replacement for cream.

Attempting to use other types of tofu as a cream substitute will lead to a sauce or pudding that is grainy and chunky, which would not be ideal.

Tips for Using Silken Tofu as a Cream Substitute in Cooking

If you’re keen on using silken tofu as a cream substitute, there are a few things you need to bear in mind to get the best result.

Let’s look at some tips on using silken tofu in your recipes.

Puree It

Silken tofu comes in a semi-solid block, which appears different from cream.

It would be advisable to blend it before use to get your silken tofu to the right consistency. Blending not only removes any lumps that may be present but also aerates the ingredient, improving its quality.

If the puree is thicker than you would like, add some soy milk or another non-dairy milk alternative to the blender and mix the two products until you get the desired thickness.


Tofu is usually unseasoned, so when using it as a substitute in curries and sauces, you must be mindful of the seasoning.

You may need to spice the final dish more heavily than you usually do to ensure that the meal is not bland.

Adding a hint of an acidic ingredient like vinegar will help embolden the flavors.


While silken tofu can replace cream in a vast number of recipes, it doesn’t whip well. Unlike heavy cream, you won’t be able to beat silken tofu into whipped cream.

When working with dessert recipes that require whipped cream, tofu will not provide you with a suitable alternative for the dairy product.


Silken tofu comes in varying degrees of firmness.

When looking for silken tofu to use as a cream substitute, it may be best to go with the creamiest option: soft, silken tofu. It’ll blend best with your other ingredients.

In Summary

Silken tofu has many substitutes and is an excellent alternative for cream. Not only does the tofu come packed full of protein, but it also contains less fat and fewer calories than cream.

Choosing silken tofu as a cream substitute allows you to enjoy the richness provided by cream while avoiding the undesirable qualities of the dairy ingredient.

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