Can You Reheat Beyond Meat? (Answered!)

Reheating foods isn’t just important when you’re serving leftovers.

Reheating can also be a critical aspect of meal prepping, where foods are made and portioned ahead of time to be fast and easy to eat later.

Knowing whether you can reheat Beyond Meat and how is essential to include Beyond Meat products in your meal planning. So, can you reheat Beyond Meat?

Read on to learn more.

can you reheat beyond meat

Can Beyond Meat be Reheated?

Beyond Meat has a wide range of products, and they all have slightly different package instructions.

Therefore, it’s vital to store and cook Beyond Meat properly to make the food more flavorful and delicious and to avoid any risk of foodborne illness.

Once cooked according to the directions, Beyond Meat products can be reheated and enjoyed later.

Can You Reheat Beyond Meat Burgers?

Beyond Meat makes the famous meatless Beyond Burger and the new Cookout Classic.

Once cooked, Beyond Meat burgers can be reheated in a skillet on the stove or reheated in the microwave.

Can You Reheat Beyond Meat Crumbles?

Beyond Meat makes vegan Crumbles designed to mimic the flavor and texture of ground beef in prepared dishes like meat sauces and more.

Beyond Crumbles come in original and “feisty” flavored, with extra seasonings perfect for tacos, chili, and sloppy joes.

Once cooked, Beyond Meat crumbles can be reheated.

Can You Reheat Beyond Meat Meatballs?

You can use Beyond Meat vegan ground beef products to make your own meatballs.

And you can also buy Beyond Meatballs, which are pre-portioned and pre-seasoned with Italian flavors that make them an excellent choice for spaghetti dishes, sub sandwiches, and even eating alone.

Once cooked, Beyond Meat Meatballs can be reheated.

Can You Reheat Beyond Meat Sausage?

Beyond Meat makes several different types of sausages.

They have a range of breakfast sausages, including classic links, classic patties, and spicy patties with a bold flavor.

Beyond also offers plant-based traditional sausages in Hot Italian flavor, Sweet Italian flavor, and Brat Original flavor.

All of these different Beyond Meat sausages can be reheated after cooking.

How to Reheat Beyond Meat

The best way to reheat Beyond Meat products depends on the product type and preparation.

Here are the preferred methods for reheating Beyond Meat products:

Reheating Beyond Burgers

The best way to reheat a Beyond Burger is in a skillet on the stovetop.

Heat the skillet to medium-low, add a small amount of oil, and place the burger patty in the pan.

Cover the pan to preserve moisture and cook until heated through.

Beyond Burgers can be reheated in the microwave, but the microwave is not preferred because it’s more likely to dry out the burger.

To reheat a Beyond Burger in the microwave, follow these steps:

  • Place the patties on a microwave-safe plate
  • Cover with a damp paper towel
  • Reduce microwave to 70% power
  • Heat for 1 minute at a time, checking how hot they are every minute until they are heated through

Reheating Beyond Crumbles

Beyond Meat crumbles can be reheated once cooked.

If you have cooked your Beyond Meat crumbles by themselves, then simply reheat them in a medium skillet with a small amount of oil.

However, your Beyond Meat Crumbles will often be reheated as part of a prepared food or dish, like lasagna or burrito.

If you have Beyond Meat Crumbles inside a fully-prepared food, reheat the food the same way you would with a meat-based ingredient inside.

For example, if you usually microwave a spaghetti sauce or warm a casserole in the oven, you can do the same if they contain Beyond Meat Crumbles.

Reheating Beyond Meatballs

Beyond Meatballs can be reheated when cooked.

The best way to reheat Beyond Meatballs is in a skillet on the stovetop, over medium heat with a small amount of oil.

Beyond Meatballs can be reheated in the microwave, but they are prone to drying out and becoming less flavorful.

When reheating Beyond Meatballs in the microwave, reduce your microwave power to 70%, and cover the meatballs with a damp paper towel.

Then, microwave for 1 minute at a time, testing how hot they are every minute until they are heated.

If your Beyond Meatballs are incorporated into a complete dish, like spaghetti and meatballs, the dish can be reheated the same way you would reheat a traditional meat-based meatball.

However, if microwaving Beyond Meat meatballs as part of a recipe, ensure the meatballs are partially immersed in the sauce, so they don’t dry out.

Reheating Beyond Sausage

The best way of reheating Beyond Sausage depends on whether you have chosen a breakfast-style sausage or a traditional-style sausage, but the same principles apply:

  • Reheating Beyond Meat Sausage on the stovetop is the best way to preserve moisture, flavor, and texture.
  • Beyond Meat sausages can be reheated in the microwave but are prone to becoming dry and tough.
  • Beyond Sausage can also be reheated on the grill, which is a great way to reheat the sausages without losing flavor.

If you have used Beyond Meat sausages in a recipe, like a breakfast scramble or a hearty soup, reheat the food the way you would typically reheat it with a traditional sausage inside.

In Summary

While using the microwave is the most convenient way to reheat Beyond Meat, and it is possible, it’s not the most flavorful way.

Microwaving changes the moisture and texture of Beyond Meat products, so it’s best to reheat them on the stovetop when possible.

However, if you’re using Beyond Meat products for meal prep and making complete recipes with these foods, you can reheat them the same way you would reheat meat-based products, and you probably won’t notice any difference.

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