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is parmesan cheese vegetarian

Is Parmesan Cheese Vegetarian? (Solved!)

Due to a little ingredient called rennet, many vegetarians have been questioning whether their favorite cheeses are suitable for their diet. Parmesan cheese is a hot topic in this debate. So, is parmesan cheese vegetarian? No, traditionally, Parmesan cheese or Parmigiano-Reggiano is made with animal rennet, an enzyme that coagulates milk. For that reason, vegetarians …

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is cheese vegetarian

Is Cheese Vegetarian? (Solved!)

Vegetarians don’t eat food that involves animal slaughter. So, if cheese contains rennet which comes from animals, is cheese vegetarian? Technically, the cheese-making process doesn’t involve animal slaughter. Therefore, many vegetarians include it in their diets. However, some cheeses are made with animal byproducts to enhance the taste and texture. So, how do you determine …

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tofu vs bean curd

Tofu vs. Bean Curd (Similarities and Differences Explained)

Tofu and bean curd are well-known and widely used ingredients. Owing to their incredible versatility, it’s no wonder they’ve become staple foods in vegan and vegetarian kitchens. However, these ingredients are often used interchangeably. But is there any difference between tofu and bean curd? The answer is yes – a small but important distinction that …

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tofu vs tokwa

Tofu vs. Tokwa (Similarities and Differences Explained)

People who appreciate plant-based high protein foods are probably already familiar with tofu, one of the most widely available vegan protein foods. But lately you may have seen tokwa in your favorite stores and recipes, and may be wondering what are the similarities and differences between tofu vs. tokwa. Can tofu and tokwa be used …

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